Lou Zhenggang – 婁正綱(ろうせいこう・ロウセイコウ)


2020 “Encounter · Mindscapes” An Exhibition by Lou Zhenggang and Georges Mathieu Long Museum in Shanghai

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Exhibition title: Encounter · Mindscapes
An Exhibition by Lou Zhenggang and Georges Mathieu
Artists: Lou Zhenggang, Georges Mathieu
Curator: Hitomi Kurosawa (Chief curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Period 2003.02.22 - 2020.05.05 10:00-17:30
Venue  Long Museum (West Bund) Hall No.6, 3398 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai

Untitled 2019 Aclyric on canvas 194cm×162cm

In "Encounter · Mindscapes," these two artists, across time and cultures of the East and West, have invariably left “traces of bodily actions” on canvas. Lou Zhenggang’s expressions seemed refrained while Georges Mathieu’s unhinged and forthright.

Unlike traditional art forms of the East, Lou Zhenggang’s calligraphy stands out from the common practice of painting the symbolic. Her translation of the abstract sceneries comes from the artist's outpouring inner voice, which strings together her sensibility for nature and history with bodily memories from her childhood.

While Georges Mathieu, a pioneer of "action painting," challenged practices anchored in the canon of traditional Western oil painting and created willful works that integrated his bodily movements to the tip of his brush. In 1957, Mathieu arrived in Japan and became fully engaged in an exchange with the members of the Japanese revolutionary “Gutai Group," who have performed in-situ painting before many audiences, leaving critical marks in the history of action painting.