Lou Zhenggang – 婁正綱(ろうせいこう・ロウセイコウ)


2005 Lou Zhenggang Solo Exhibition "The Tanabata" at Shinjuku Park Tower in Tokyo,Japan

2005 Solo Exhibition #Tanabata”at Shinjuku Park Tower,Japan

2005 Lou Zhenggang Solo Exhibition " The Tanabata " at Shinjuku Park Tower
Period 2005.06.23 - 2005.07.09
Venue  Shinjuku Park Tower

Lou Zhenggang expresses a new urban Tanabata* story using a magnificent installation of "KOKORO". 130 pieces of calligraphy art (1 x 1.5 m each), which displays a huge cloth (4 x 16 m) and shows various heart patterns around it, is a work that seeks fusion and balance of the universe, It was the creation of a meeting place where people who traveled in the middle met and connected the hearts of modern people.
Lou Zhenggang goes beyond traditional calligraphy and opens up unexplored fields as an artist, making a brilliant appearance. The work is highly regarded as "connecting people in the city with the nature of today" and "empowering people with dreams".

*Tanabata: Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi and Orihime, which are represented by Altair and Vega, respectively.