Lou Zhenggang – 婁正綱(ろうせいこう・ロウセイコウ)


2012 Solo Exhibition of Lou Zhenggang at Today Art Museum in Beijing ,China

2012 Lou Zhenggang Solo Exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing ,China

2012 Solo Exhibition of Lou Zhenggang at Today Art Museum in Beijing ,China
Curator Huang Du

Discovery——Lou Zhenggang's Solo Exhibition
Period 2012.08.06 -- 2012.08.26
Venue  2nd floor exhibition hall of building 1of Today Art Museum Exhibition

Lou Zhenggang started to learn calligraphy and painting from her father at her early age. She, as a young girl, was considered as a legendary figure in China’s calligraphy & painting filed during 1970s & 1980s. Lou Zhenggang went to Japan in 1986 and resided abroad from then on. She has been an active international figure of fine art for her devotion to spread Chinese culture. During the past 20 years, she staged 26 solo exhibitions and 3 tour exhibitions in China, Japan, USA and soon. Her calligraphic works and paintings showed the contemporary spirit of China, and collected by many renowned museums and private collectors. In 1993, Lou Zhenggang Works Exhibitions was held in UN headquarter in New York. The UN Children’s Fund printed 22 of her works onto postcards to issue in over 140 countries and regions. 8 of her works were chosen to be the cover page of 8-volume High School national language textbooks of Japan. In 2007, the 34 serial works named Life & Love by Lou Zhenggang was collected by China National Museum.
"My work is all I have got”. Art meant life to her during the past dozens of years. She constantly pursued something above and beyond in her artistic career by exploring more depictive new materials and by employing different media and tools. Her works included Life & Love, Sun and Moon Shining Forever, Heart, Harmony; Life Goes On, Nature and other serial works. Since 2004, Lou Zhenggang has gone out of art world to host interviews in Tokyo TV station, write columns for CEO Daily of Sankei Shimbun, etc. Her efforts on the promotion of Chinese calligraphy and painting culture have gained high acclaims. Her publications include ‘Heart’, ‘Words from Heart’, ‘Hindrance in Heart’, ‘Book of Heart’, and ‘Some Words to Give You’, ‘Maxim’ etc. Her new book, ‘Stories from Heart’ will be published by Sanlian Press in June.
Her new installations and many representative works will be on exhibition in Today Art Museum this time.
Source Today Art Museum Beijing