Lou Zhenggang – 婁正綱(ろうせいこう・ロウセイコウ)


2016 Solo Exhibition"‘Wan Xiang: Harmony and Nature’ at Royal Opera House Muscat in Sultanate of Oman

2016 Solo Exhibition"‘Wan Xiang: Harmony and Nature’ at Royal Opera House Muscat in Sultanate of Oman
Minister of Heritage & Culture, formally inaugurated ‘Wan Xiang: Harmony and Nature’, the first solo exhibition in the Middle East of acclaimed Chinese artist Lou Zhenggang and the first exhibition to be hosted by The Royal Opera House Muscat.

‘Wan Xiang: Harmony and Nature’
Period 2016.12.06 - 2016.12.17
Venue  Royal Opera House Muscat

A statement collection exemplifying the highly original and distinctive style for which Lou Zhenggang is celebrated, ‘Wan Xiang’ expresses not only the infinite force of nature but also the spirit of contemporary China. Consisting of seven imposing works mounted onto complex folded screens, these experimental calligraphic works and avant-garde paintings showcase Lou Zhenggang’s masterful fusion of modern abstract innovation with calligraphic tradition.
Her unique and ground-breaking combination of control and order with energy and dynamism, her interplay of light with layers of ink, acrylics, gold and silver leaf, are techniques that the artist has refined over decades to give a new and vibrant relevance to her Asian artistic heritage. “Separated by thousands of miles, Oman and China are, however, linked by a long and distinguished relationship, one that began in the eighth century when our two countries traded together as part of the ancient silk route,” said Lou Zhenggang.“I hope that with this exhibition, in this splendid building which is in itself a masterpiece of design, that distance is bridged once more, a deeper understanding between our two countries is fostered, and our ancient bond is strengthened.”
Displayed in renowned museums across the world and sought after by leading private collectors, Lou Zhenggang is an iconic figure in contemporary Chinese calligraphy and abstract painting as well as a dynamic force in the world of fine art.
A frequent creative collaborator with the United Nations, she is devoted to advancing international understanding of Chinese culture through her work. Over the last twenty years, this much-feted artist has staged more than 30 solo shows and five tour exhibitions in countries including China, Japan and the USA.
Source Omanobserver